County Center Farmers Market Draws Vendors From Throughout Westchester

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Westchester bakers Pamela Worth and Jenny Frank sold their gluten free baked goods at the Westchester County Indoor Farmer's Market.
Westchester bakers Pamela Worth and Jenny Frank sold their gluten free baked goods at the Westchester County Indoor Farmer's Market. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Shoppers found a bountiful winter harvest of edible delights at the County Center as the Indoor Farmers Market made its monthly visit to the city on Sunday.

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A dozen vendors offered a variety of products from baby food to wine, meats, jams and jellies, olive oil, honey, pickles, baked goods and nuts.

Partners Pamela Worth and Jenny Frank, both Westchester residents, presented their gluten free Smart Cookies, a new business from two career teachers with a fondness for baking.

"This is one of our first farmers markets," Worth said. "We're introducing ourselves and our cookies to the community. We both have teaching jobs (in Chappaqua and Manhattan) and we have some background in what children eat. "

Karan and Nirmala Gupta of Yorktown Heights have been selling their Bombay Emerald Chutneys in Westchester and the New York area for 10 years and frequent farmers markets in Hastings-on-Hudson, Bronxville and Pleasantville during the outdoor season. Bombay products are made in Mamaroneck.

"We're very proud of out products and so much of our Indian tradition goes into the chutneys," Karan Gupta said. "We have so many regular customers who follow us at the local markets and support us."

While shoppers were tasting the products, Bob (Goetz) & Norm (Dodge), musicians from Pleasantville and Ossining, provided background music.

The Indoor Farmers Market boasts dozens of vendors who set up shop in the County Center on the last Sunday of each month from November to March. The market, which returns on Jan. 26, Feb. 23 and March 30, runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Admission to the market is free. There is a $5 fee for parking in the nearby parking area.

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Comments (3)

Do we really need farmer's markets anymore? When they started many years ago there were few fresh food outlets. That's not the case nowadays. Mrs Green's just opened right down the street at the old Turcos/Morton Williams. Almost directly across the street is Apple Farm. Its no wonder they cannot get participants. Fresh food is everywhere and not as expensive as these farmers markets.

Loved the new gluten-free cookie stand. Delicious cookies at very reasonable prices. The samples were a nice touch.

Farmers Wanted! Farmers missing at today"s "Farmers Market". Went there today, what a joke! Even though we did purchase some over priced items, there were (2) vendors selling honey, (1) vendor selling wine and beer, (1) vendor selling nuts, The same old pickle vendor selling over priced pickles, (1) oil & vinegar vendor, (1) Japanese salad dressing vendor, (1) Indian food condiment vendor and (1) cookie vendor. No sight of any fresh produce or bread. Had to pay $5.00 for parking which is usually free for the farmers market but due to the "slam dunk" event, we had to pay for parking. Vendors were all nice and pleasant but whoever organizes this event at the County Center needs to do a better job of getting other vendors involved with better selections of items. The two guys singing at the Farmers Market were probably the best things there today. PS. Unlike the article states, when we arrived at around 1pm, there were no meat or baby food vendors there at that time.