Video Of Rare White Deer Sighting Taken In Area

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DANBURY, Conn. -- A rare white deer was filmed grazing in Danbury this week by resident Shelley Lowell.

Lowell posted the video on YouTube and filmed the deer in her backyard. She said she put some cracked corn for the animal to graze on while she filmed.

A story in Danbury Patch said the doe appears to be a piebald deer, according to Andrew LaBonte, a wildlife biologist for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. He said piebald deer are about 1 percent to 2 percent of the deer population and can have a range of white fur. 

  • 8

Comments (8)

Yes very sweet and would die in a couple of days if in the real woods. Albino deer stick out like a sore thumb to predators. And i would thank a hunter if i were you because deer are far from sweet creatures. This deer is proof the herds are overpopulated and they are mutating.

Beautiful, sweet creature. The only bad thing about posting these rare sightings is that some trophy hunter will be tipped off as to it's location and decide he absolutely must kill this deer & hang it's head on his wall. After all, it IS "so pretty and rare".

Cali: Another "bad thing" that might happen is that the "pretty and rare deer" might run out in front of your car some day and put you in the hospital. One of my neighbors is brain damaged, and in a wheel chair for life, because some "trophy hunter" didn't bag the deer before it ran out in front of his motorcycle.

It had better not wander out to Ferguson..The animals out there will make venison stew with it.

I am a filthy queen..I love it in the rear

oh Hi BClinton
You sound like my type.

What's wrong with you. Everyone knows monkeys don't eat deer.

excuse me... can i have some privacy here while i eat? i mean please... i am going into the woods and frolic w my other rare friends, bigfoot, yetti , and champ.
cute video!