At Home In Somers Seeks Volunteers To Help Seniors

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At Home in Somers seeks volunteers to help senior citizens continue to live in their homes. The group especially needs drivers, visitors, telephone responders, people to do household repairs and people who can help with computers. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Faye M. DeSanto

SOMERS, N.Y. – At Home in Somers has been such a success during its four-year history that the organization is seeking more volunteers.

The group focuses on helping senior citizens continue to live independently in their own homes by assisting them with routine tasks such as shopping, running errands, doing household chores and providing transportation. Its health advocates program provides professionally trained volunteers to accompany members to doctors appointments. At Home in Somers is one of a growing number of such organizations dedicated to aging in place.

Right now, the Somers group especially needs volunteer drivers, visitors, telephone responders, people to do household repairs and people who can help with computers.

“It’s really about neighbors helping neighbors,” said volunteer coordinator Linda Boyce. “Some people join just in case they may someday need help. I was one of the youngest when I joined, but then I needed a knee replacement, and AHIS was like an insurance policy. Volunteers drove me to physical therapy three times a week.”

In addition to getting personal assistance when needed, members enjoy social, educational and recreational programs, and discussion groups, and even benefit from special discounts.

“After being a caregiver for my husband for several years, I needed to develop my life as a single woman,” said member Eleanor Reich. “Person-to-Person and other social activities helped me find new friends. Cheerful, caring volunteers drove me to doctors and physical therapy. A volunteer computer expert and a volunteer handyman have made my life much easier.”

Somers resident Jerry Billingsley said, “When I attend monthly discussion groups and program meetings, I see some people arrive without a smile on their face. Within minutes those same people relax, become very interested and fully engaged.”

Sally Fink, 91, said, “I don’t have many family members and friends living nearby. AHIS fills the gap. They’re my new family! The programs, outings, and groups, the rides and discount partners – life goes on!”

If you have a few spare hours to devote to your aging neighbors, call Boyce at 914-276-7603. More information about membership in At Home in Somers can be found at or you can call 914-519-7914.

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