Yorktown Police Charge 11 With Using Fake IDs At Bar

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Yorktown Police recently arrested 11 youths and charged them with using fake IDs at Murphy's Irish Restaurant and Bar.
Yorktown Police recently arrested 11 youths and charged them with using fake IDs at Murphy's Irish Restaurant and Bar. Photo Credit: File Photo

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- The Yorktown Police Department arrested 11 minors recently and charged them with possession of fake IDs at Murphy's Irish Restaurant and Bar. 

The arrests were made as part of a compliance check at Murphy's just after midnight on July 19, according to police. The check was "part of an ongoing effort to curb underage drinking and was partially funded by the Yorktown Alliance for Safe Kids," according to the police report. Eight teens and three 20-year-olds were found in possession of allegedly forged driver's licenses indicating they were over 21, according to the report.

Several of the youths were from Yorktown, while others were from Newburgh, Somers, Garrison, North Salem, Cortlandt Manor and New Windsor. One of the youths arrested was also charged with resisting arrest. All charges were misdemeanors.

Yorktown Councilman Terrance Murphy, who co-owns the business, recently praised the Yorktown Police Department for their efforts. 

"When it comes to keeping our kids safe, we take a zero tolerance approach for underage drinking," Murphy said in a press release. "We have all the necessary precautions in place to ensure these type of incidents don't happen, including a New York State ID scanner and asking for a second ID. The scary part is, the reality of the situation is that forgeries have become so sophisticated that they scan as regular IDs."

Murphy noted in a news release that the compliance check was done with assistance of bar ownership. 

"These issues have nothing to do with politics, but they have everything to do with keeping our kids safe" Murphy said in the release. 

All of the youths arrested were taken to the Yorktown Police Department for processing, released to third parties and have court appearances set for 6 p.m. on Aug. 20, according to the police report. 

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Comments (14)

"Hulkpage", I am a little confused. Your responses in this article are very negative towards Murphy's, Councilman Terrance Murphy and your local deli clerk (all on the assumption of serving minors, which this article does not say happened). But while reading another story on the Patch, http://cortlandt.dailyvoice.com/police-fire/state-police-cortlandt-businesses-sell-alcohol-minor, you seem to think that the four out of five businesses that actually served minors are being harassed by your comment of " The harassment continues". Not sure what you really want to say...

I have spent over 30 years in the restaurant and hospitality business. I have been to Murphy's during some late nights either to see a band, grab a late burger or to pick up my daughter and friends if they are out drinking (she is 28 and refuses to drink and drive as do her friends). I have seen the bartenders proofing and on weekends I have seen the added security of bouncers running the front door and checking ID's. (Happily so as I once saw an underage son of a friend trying to get served and he was refused service and asked to leave - I did not want to have to rat him out). This is an expensive proposition for any business, as I know first hand from running a night club in that 30 year span. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that their is a huge business in fake ID's in the US and it is part of the Identity theft problem we are facing. The forgeries have the black light seals as well as the magnetic strip information and are close to impossible to spot. One way is for a business owner to help in compliance checks and the officers can actually run the id through the DMV database. Even with that, minors can still be using an older sibling's license and look very much like the sibling did when the photo was taken. I agree with Francis that it seems like Murphy's was doing the right thing.

As for the comment by Soren regarding the officers being able to recognize the fake id and that Murphy's should hire them, Police Departments consider the dispensing of an intoxicant at a second job to be a conflict of interest and prohibit their officers in moonlighting in this fashion. If they were able to be hired, they would not have the same access to the DMV database as on duty officers anyway so you will be looking at a similar issue.

To Hulkpage, the law regarding serving minors in NY state has specific requirements. If the officers felt that the bartender was in the wrong, a ticket to appear in court would have been issued and I am sure that would have been in the article. Actually, the article does not even mention that the minors were drinking - only that they were in possession of a fake ID. To me that says that they were screened at the door and never served. A very Savvy saloon keeper in that case Chip N Putt. But actually as I understand it, the councilman is part of the family that owns the bar, but he does not run it so I wonder why Hulk is calling for his resignation?

Finally as to the comments about why the kids would travel to Murphy's, when I was young I would come to Yorktown to hang out with my friends up here and they would come to visit me in (Don't hold this against me Ropeman) Yonkers.
That is what kids do.

So it seems that there are several "Murphy" haters posting here. The restaurant/bar seems to have been doing the right thing when they check for ID's. The ID's as pointed out are getting better and better just like the counterfeit currency that is being passed. Why would you fire the bartender for doing what he was supposed to do, check the ID cards of those he is about to serve? Do you think that Murphy's is the only place in Westchester that has this problem? If you do you are certainly very naive.
By the way the name of the establishment is Murphy's or Murphy's restaurant. . I do not see it listed as "Murphy's Irish Restaurant and Bar" anywhere.

Googling that name with Yorktown Heights finds their Facebook page where they are called exactly what the article says.


Murphy's is infamous as the bar where underage kids will be served liquor. Kids from around the area drive there to drink. No other bar within twenty miles has the rep that Murphy's has. If the bartenders are checking ID, they're doing a lousy job. If they're relying upon some kind of machine, the machine is broken.

Hey, here's an idea: How about Murphy's hire some off-duty cops to tend bar? The cops who raided the joint didn't seem to have any problem ID'ing the kids. They must have magical powers.

Or maybe they really *want* to prevent underage drinking...

All I know is I live in verplanck and if our local deli sells 1 can of beer to an underaged kid that clerk is being led away in handcuffs. eleven fake ids, give us a break!

Give me a break, Saloon? It a restaraunt with a side bar, and murphy was part of the check. If you didn't grow up in Yorktown, don't know Murphy, or NEVER did anything dumb as a teenager, keep your mouth shut. Sounds like local dems looking for an issue, I smell something, oh that's just the trash from Yonkers.

>>It a restaraunt

Restaurant?! You give ME a break! And I suppose these young kids are traveling to this "restaurant" from as far away as Newburgh and Windsor because the foie gras is just divine, right?

This is not about teens acting dumb, this is about an elected official looking the other way while his employees break the law, endangering those "dumb teens."

>>If you didn't grow up in Yorktown, don't know Murphy, or NEVER did anything dumb as a teenager, keep your mouth shut.

I didn't grow up in Yorktown, don't know Murphy, never did anything dumb as a teenager, and I'll talk here as much as I like. Now what, Mr. Internet Tough Guy?

>>>>It a restaraunt

You, on the other hand, should probably take a few remedial spelling/typing/grammar classes before you embarrass yourself and your buddy Murphy any further...

Two from Newburgh, two from New Windsor & one from Garrison. I wonder why underage teens would travel this far to go to Murphy's. What's the attraction?

If this guy can't run a saloon in a safe and proper manner, erring on the side of ringing the cash register over protecting local youth, why in hell would anyone trust him to represent them in politics?

So, Murph, you fired the bartender that was on duty that night, right?


This is old news.
This bar is known to young college students as a go to party place. Widely known among 19 and 20 year olds. Groups of kids even bring a designated driver with them, Murphy's give designated drivers free soda and ring up drink sales on the rest of the kids.
I do not live in Yorktown, so I don't know just how smart Mr. Murphy is as a representative of the taxpayers,,,, but he does not seem so savvy as a saloon keeper. Lots of potential bad outcomes for such a place and liability for the owner(s).

Yorktown Councilman Terrance Murphy, your bar should be shut down and you should resign in disgrace.