Somers High School Student Groped At Football Game, Police Say

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The Somers Police Department is at 100 Primrose Street/Route 139.
The Somers Police Department is at 100 Primrose Street/Route 139. Photo Credit: Katherine Pacchiana

SOMERS, N.Y. – A Somers High School student working at Friday’s football game was allegedly grabbed and groped by a nearby youth. Somers police contacted the New York State Police and together the officers located the suspect, who was taken into custody by the state police. He is due to appear Tuesday in Family Court.

Somers police also reported the following incidents:

House Vandalized: Several unidentified youths vandalized a vacant house in Shenorock on Friday by breaking windows. Summoned by a neighbor, Officer Naranga contacted the owner’s property manager, who agreed to send a crew to repair the damage and secure the residence as soon as possible. In the meantime, police covered the broken window with wood to prevent animals from entering the home.

Shots Fired: A Granite Springs resident reported hearing five gunshots in rapid succession on Sunday afternoon. Officer Matuszenski went to the home of the shooter and interviewed him. Since the man was shooting on a 25-acre tract of land and was more than 500 feet from any dwelling, he was within his rights.

Mailboxes Vandalized: Mischief-makers pulled down a group of mailboxes along with their posts sometime during Friday night or early Saturday in the Shenorock area. Officer Dustin investigated but could find no evidence of the vandals. Mailboxes were also damaged Tuesday along Cortlandt Manor Road. Again, there were no witnesses. 

Go-cart On Road: A homeowner complained of a youth driving a motorized go-cart along a residential street Saturday afternoon. Police located the owner of the go-cart, who explained that his 15-year-old son intended to sell the vehicle and was taking it for a test drive before a buyer arrived. Father and son agreed not to operate the vehicle on the road again.

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I am gratified that the Somers high school student was confident enough to report the incident, and the the police pursued the complaint. This is the type of crime that wasn't always taken seriously, but not any more! And, it is another lesson that one can sink his future by making the wrong choices, conducting himself inappropriately and destroying his reputation. He has made himself his own victim.