Somers Murderer Denied Parole

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This photo of Eleanor and Norman Prouty of Somers was taken in 1980, the year they were brutally attacked by Terry Losicco. Losicco was recently denied parole. Photo Credit: Courtesy Brooks S. Prouty

SOMERS, N.Y. – The Lincoln Hall resident who brutally murdered a Somers woman in 1980 has been denied parole for the fifth time in eight years, the victim’s grandson said Monday.

Terry Losicco, the man who was convicted of attacking Eleanor and Norman Prouty in their Somers home in 1980, went in front of the New York State Parole Board last week. Losicco was not made aware of an online petition, started by the Proutys’ grandson Brooks, that received more than 1,100 signatures asking the board to deny parole. Brooks Prouty said in an email to The Daily Voice that he received word of the parole board’s decision.

“I deliver excellent news: parole denied to Terry Losicco,” Brooks Prouty said in the email. He later added that he and Somers resident Scott Saks, who lives in the same home where the murder took place, would be “working closely” to raise awareness of their concerns at Lincoln Hall.

“The thing I’m really focused on more and more is the element of risk that the town of Somers is exposed to by the existence of Lincoln Hall and its security practices that are very, very lax,” Prouty said last week, adding that he recently learned of records that showed state police responded to more than 300 calls to Lincoln Hall in just over a year. “My understanding is that is a shockingly high number.”

Losicco was 16 when he and fellow Lincoln Hall resident David Hollis broke into the home of Eleanor and Norman Prouty, where they expected to find a large sum of money. Eleanor Prouty, 67, was beaten to death and sodomized. Norman Prouty, who used a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis, was badly beaten and survived but lived the rest of his life in a nursing home.

Westchester County Judge Angelo Ingrassia, who sentenced Losicco to 27 1/3 years to life in prison, died Thursday. Ingrassia was 89. 

Check back with The Daily Voice for more information. 

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