Somers Considers 'Complete Streets Policy'

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A sidewalk on Route 202 in Somers might be included in a Complete Streets Policy.
A sidewalk on Route 202 in Somers might be included in a Complete Streets Policy. Photo Credit: Katherine Pacchiana

SOMERS, N.Y. – The Somers Town Board is considering adopting a Complete Streets Policy, which, according to the resolution, would enhance safety, convenience and comfort for residents, bicyclists, motorists, freight drivers and users of public transport.

“Considering the direction we’re trying to move in, we need this,” said Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy at last week's town board meeting.

A Complete Streets Policy, as defined by the Federal Department of Transportation, includes but is not limited to sidewalks and pedestrian safety improvements, street and sidewalk lighting, median refuges, crosswalks, handicap accessibility, easy access to train and bus stops and shelters, bicycle amenities such as storage, parking, routes, shared-use lanes, enhanced shoulders and/or bike lanes. Also included are street trees, landscaping, signage, street furniture and adequate drainage facilities.

“Other towns, like Dobbs Ferry and Lewisboro, have adopted a Complete Streets resolution,” said Murphy, who distributed copies of the Lewisboro resolution to board members.

“Does the board want to tweak this resolution to fit Somers? Does anyone see any changes they’d like to have made?” she asked.

“I find this resolution very comprehensive,” said Council member Rick Morrissey.

“I went to a meeting on this,” added Council member Richard Clinchy. “I think the Lewisboro model is ideal.”

The next step is to refer the policy to the Somers Planning, Highway and Open Space committees for review and comment. The referral is on the agenda for Thursday's Town Board meeting. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

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Comments (4)

I would love to know the status of this proposal??

Like to see what this will cost the Tax Payers before anything is voted on. Lets not forget our 2% tax cap. Not sure where any extras can be considered in the present economic environment when the Town is looking to trim expenses... However, Ms Murphy and The Town Board please explain so we all understand what it's going to cost now and in the future because there are things that are nice to do and true benefits but at the end of the day The Town and its Tax Payers simply can not afford.

Put some of the power lines under any contemplated sidewalks. That would be a "plan"!

I would love to have sidewalks in town. Now just get us a Trader Joe's and kick out CVS.