Newly Formed TEAM Tuskers Seeks Volunteer Mentors

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TEAM Tuskers in Somers is looking for volunteers committed to helping youths. Photo Credit: TEAM Tuskers facebook page

SOMERS, N.Y. – The new year brought a new organization to Somers, and it promises a broad spectrum of benefits to Somers students.

TEAM Tuskers is a group of volunteers who provide mentoring to improve student learning, promote strong families and support healthy choices.

It is a one-on-one program, and organizers plan to start by working with sixth-graders, meeting once a week at Somers Middle School. The organization will work in close conjunction with the school district and individual school administrators.

TEAM Tuskers is an offshoot of the Whole Child Community Coalition, which describes itself as a “community based think tank ... committed to supporting the youth of Somers.” The “TEAM” acronym stands for “Together, Energized And Motivated.”

“Our mission is to increase resiliency factors for students by providing relationships with a caring adult to improve students’ social and emotional well-being,” TEAM Tuskers says on its website.

TEAM Tuskers plans to be in action by early spring. Meanwhile, volunteers are needed to serve as mentors, fundraisers, administrators and clerical assistants. For further information, go to the TEAM Tuskers Facebook page or call 914-481-2716.

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