Somers High School Italian Students Go On U.N. Mission

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Somers Italian Club students visited the U.N. with teachers Joan Scerbo and Hope Mazzola. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joan Scerbo
From left: Antonio Diana, Michael Dellamedaglia, Aaron Mazzola, Carlo D'Ascanio and Antonella D'Ascanio Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joan Scerbo
Adele Montecalvo points to the U.N. flag. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joan Scerbo
Joan Scerbo, Hope Mazzola and Italian Club students at the Italian Mission to the U.N. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joan Scerbo
Italian Club Students in Italian Mission Board Room. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joan Scerbo

SOMERS, N.Y. – In keeping with Somers High School’s goal of instilling its students with a global outlook, 18 members of the Somers High School Italian Club and Honor Society spent Jan. 30 visiting the Italian Mission at the United Nations in New York.

The group was given a VIP tour of the U.N. buildings and was personally greeted by Professor Salvatore Zappala, attorney for the Italian Mission. Zappala described the role of a member country in the U.N. and, more specifically, of Italy’s position and the various challenges it has had to meet, especially as part of the international peacekeeping force.

The visit to the U.N. was arranged through the courtesy of Italian Mission staff-member, Signora Adele Montecalvo, aunt of Somers students Antonella and Carlo D’Ascanio.

Other student members of the group were Jemmin Chang, Juliette Cooper, Joseph Coppola, Michael Dellamedaglia, Anthony Diana, Alessandro Di Nardo, Marie Henning, Taber Lucchese, Nicholas Mauceri, Aaron Mazzola, Erica Melhorn, Thomas Palumbo, Anthony Paone and Katherine Ross.

Hope Mazzola assisted Somers High’s Italian/French teacher, Joan Scerbo, in chaperoning the group.

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