Somers Middle School Students Write Award Winning Poems

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SOMERS, N.Y. – Seven youngsters from Somers Middle School won honors for poems they entered in the prestigious Scholastic Art and Writing Competition of 2013.

Somers’ Silver Key winners were Michelle Croen and Grace Dashnaw. Lauren Chiriboga and Sophie Goodwin earned Honorable Mention.

The Gold Key winners were Margaret Groton, Rachel Mendelson and Mary Kate Murphy. Here are their Gold Key poems:

Utterly Edited

by Rachel Mendelson

I am Photoshop.
I started editing myself a long time ago. 
The tools changed who I am.
I made my smile large,
I look happier.
I made my eyes larger,
I look smarter.
I made people around me look like they're laughing,
I look like I'm hilarious.
If you click the history tool,
and go back to the unedited photo,
I look different.
I am alone.
I am quiet.
I am not hilarious.
My smile is faint,
and I don't look as smart.
I try to show people the unedited photos,
but all they care about are the fake ones.
The real photo is hidden,
underneath my skin,
behind the password.
I sit behind my life,
and continue to edit myself.
No one ever wants to see the real photo.

Scarf Closet

by Margaret Groton

My collections of words are a closet of scarves
They cover me
When I need a little hiding
From the eyes that see through me
But masquerade as stares.
My collections of words are a closet of scarves
They forge my name
Under descriptions
That I can only dream
Will once belong to me.
My collections of words are a closet of scarves
When I am cold they shout and scream and create warm tears
That red my cheeks and force creases in my lips
That reaches to my eyes
That are lit with false flames.
My collections of words are a closet of scarves
My mountain of shelves and hangers keep me here
In the factory of thoughts
That suffocate under the fabric.

Rise and Fall

by Mary Kate Murphy

I am the waves
That roll in
And then out,
And then out again.
These waves that rise
Only to fall
Are a piece of me
That is nearly
To understand.
For when my anger—
My sadness,
My despair—
Forms within me,
I am a wave
Mightier than the rest.
In that moment,
That second,
In which my mood
Is invincible,
I am atop
The crest
Of anguish.
There, my blood
Is replaced with stinging sea water
Each particle
A wrath of pain.
Such pain
Is the towering monster within
Allowing me to see clearly
All the emotions
That support my position
Of raw superiority
Upon this beast of my own.
But in an instant,
I crash.
I am no longer the queen
Of a land without hope
Nor a girl whose insides ooze with a salty taste.
I am level with the rest of my body—
The vast ocean—
And blend into its calmness.
My home, no more a wave of danger,
But instead a wave that cools the toes
Of those who stand on the edge
Of my foamy surf.
I am at last the waves
That roll in
And then out,
And then out again.

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