Speak Up About Distracted Driving

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Speak Up Or Else, a website devoted to informing teen drivers about safe driving, does so with humor and celebrity appearances. Play the clip to view one of the offerings. 

Here are a few facts from Speak Up Or Else about teen driving habits. 

• Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. (NHTSA)

• Each year, more than 5,000 teens (ages 16-20) are killed in passenger vehicle crashes. (NHTSA)

• Eight in ten teens say that if a friend told them their driving behavior made their friend feel uncomfortable, they would listen. (Ad Council)

• Nearly 70 percent of teens say they have a lot or some influence to stop their friends from driving recklessly when they are a passenger. (Ad Council)

• Three in ten teens say that in the past six months they have been in a situation when their own driving behavior put them at risk. (Ad Council)

• In 2006, 39 percent of male drivers 15 to 20 years old involved in fatal crashes were speeding. (NHTSA)

• Sixty-two percent of high school drivers say they talk on a cell phone while driving and 24 percent say that talking on a cell phone is safe. (SADD/Liberty Mutual study)

• In 2006, 65 percent of teens involved in fatal crashes were unrestrained. (Source: AAA)

• Crash rates increase drastically for 16 and 17-year-old drivers with every additional passenger in the car. (AAA)

• One out of every five licensed 16-year-old drivers will be in a vehicle crash. (IIHS)

• In 2003, about 44 percent of all teen deaths were attributed to vehicle crashes - more than triple the number of teen suicides and more than double the number of teen homicide victims. (NHTSA)

• Sixteen to 24 year olds are 63 percent more likely to be involved in a SUV rollover than other drivers. (NHTSA)

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If you love your life, avoid being distracted while riding your car because driving while being distracted either by cell phones or internet is a non-phenomenal accident and can kill your life in just a blink of your eye. Thank you for reminding us of practicing safe driving and calling our attention to discipline ourselves while hitting the road. I believe that a well-disciplined driver knows how to value his/her life and the life of others. Read more..